Wasp trap

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Non-Toxic Flying Insect Trap

This non-toxic flying insect trap is a simple but effective way of catching insects such as flies, wasps and hornets. Apply bait to the bottom of the trap such as a sweet drink, fruit juice or beer (bait not supplied) and place the trap in your garden using the supplied hanging cord, alternatively place the trap on it's base on a table or patio. Flying insects are attracted to the smell of the sweet drink and climb in, before drowning. Suitable for areas frequented by children, family pets and wildlife. Check the traps on a regular basis and empty before re-using as often as required.

- Non toxic flying insect trap

- Simply place in your garden where required
- Safe for use around children and pets
- Detachable lid for easy access and cleaning
- Reusable
- Net weight (kg): 0.3
- Colour: Yellow & white