Standard Stainless Steel Smoker

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Standard stainless steel smoker with protection frame and spark catcher
Diameter: Ø8 cm.
Height: 21 cm.

  • Bee smokers are an amazing beekeeping equipment that helps calm the bees and protect the beekeeper from stings while performing bee hive maintenance and work. Have bees in your yard? Use this smoker to inspect the bee hive from up close, without the need to be afraid of bee stings.
  • Made with heavy duty stainless steel. Superior bellow makes smoking up super-easy and fast. Features a mounting hook so that the device can be hung on the hive box edge, or next to it, while doing beekeeping work or when not in actual use.
  • Features a quality heavy duty tray that assists in lighting the fire, by allowing air to penetrate the fire also from underneath the flame. Simply place some newspaper into the smoker, light the fire, pump the bellow, then add some fuel, and let the smoker do its job. Continue to pump the bellow according to as much smoke as needed. Will provide smoke for hours.
  • Smoker can also be used as a deer hunting scent cover up. Smoke for deer scent cover up has been used by Native Americans and its' effect is well known to seasoned hunters. Smoke up cloths, hunting equipment, etc. prior and during hunting.
  • Includes heat shield, mounting hook and a safe hook on the top to prevent burns and has an easy to open lid tab.

As used by West Country Honey