Queen Cup System Starter Kit (Budget version)

  • £30.00

Aa budget  version of the successful Queen rearing system.  Please note that the parts for this system ARE NOT compatible with any other Queen Rearing cupkit system.

Up to 110 cell cups are placed in the back of the comb box which has previously been fixed in a brood comb, and the queen is put in the front of the cage under a queen excluder. As she is in full lay, she continues to lay eggs in the artificial cups. She can be released manually the next day.

On the 4th days, very small, newly hatched larvae can be seen through the back of the cups, each in a pin-prick of royal jelly. Very easily, each cell cup is lifted off with a cell cup cap which passes onto a cell bar fitted with cell bar blocks. When the queen cells are sealed, hair roller cages can be slipped over, so that emerging virgins are contained. These cages can then be used for travelling and introduction.

Each kit contains: 1 plastic comb box, 10 hair roller cages, 100 brown cell cups, 10 cell bar blocks, 10 cell cup caps and full instructions.