Plastic National Super Frames

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A plastic National Super frame designed for beekeeping typically consists of 2 sides that can be assembled without the need for nails or additional tools. Here's a detailed description:


- This is a thin sheet, often made of wax or plastic, which serves as the base for bees to build their comb.
- The foundation is placed between the frame parts, 


Made from sturdy plastic, the frame resists warping and breaking.
- **Ease of Use**: The interlocking design allows for quick and tool-free assembly and disassembly.
- **Reusable**: Can be cleaned and reused multiple times.
- **Hygiene**: Plastic frames are easier to clean and sanitize compared to traditional wooden frames.

### Advantages
- **Time-Saving**: Quick assembly saves time during hive inspections and frame maintenance.
- **Consistency**: Manufactured to precise specifications, ensuring uniformity across frames.
- **Maintenance**: Less prone to damage from moisture and pests compared to wood.

Overall, plastic National Super frames that clip together are designed for efficiency and durability in modern beekeeping operations, providing a reliable and user-friendly alternative to traditional wooden frames.