Paradise Honey National Starter Beehive & Equipment

Paradise Honey National Starter Beehive & Equipment

  • £450.00

Most new beekeepers start with the National Hive - this is the most popular in the UK. 

Complete high density polystyrene (EPS) British National hive from leading manufacturer Paradise Honey consisting of:

Hive Contents

  • British National roof & Feed plate
  • British National floor and varroa mesh
  • 1 Brood Box 
  • 2 Supers
  • Queen excluder
  • Varroa tray
  • Entrance reducer
  • Preminum hive strap
  • Hive screws

20 x Super Frames and Foundation

10 x Brood Frames and Foundation

1 Bag of Pins

Clothing and accessories
1 x  Swienty Breeze Beesuit (Quality Beesuit - not to be compared to cheaper substitutes!)
1 x  Leather Beekeeping Gloves
1 x Stainless Steel Smoker
1 x Hive Tool

Swientys Clothing series is designed especially for the modern beekeeper and includes the following advantages: 

- Ventilated hat to cool off while working
- The size of the hat can be adjusted!
- Large view area. The veil is barely noticeable and minimizes obstruction of viewingfield
- Extra strong veil cloth
- 65% polyester / 35% cotton
- Double distance rings will keep the veil away from your face
- Zipper all the way around the hat, enables the hat to be tipped back or taken off
- Three pockets for all the tools you need to carry in your bee yard!
- Wrist can be tightened with rubberbands to ensure the bees stay outside and the fit is optimal!