Guide to Bees and Honey - BEE KEEPING EQUIPMENT

Guide to Bees and Honey

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This is the ideal guide for anyone wanting to start beekeeping and a revered reference book for experienced beekeepers. It includes information on all you need to know, including how to avoid swarms, plan requeening, or provide the colony with winter stores. It features key information on Varroa. It is copiously illustrated throughout. Fully revised and updated, this new edition of 'Guide to Bees and Honey' also presents expert advice for readers who plan to maintain a few hives for personal recreational use, as well as those who want to expand an existing colony into a commercial venture.


If there is one book that should be on the shelf of every beekeeper, it is Ted Hooper's classic. - --Beekeeping

About the Author

Ted Hooper MBE was a British bee keeper and author. He was born in Colyton in Devon and lived mostly in Essex.