Candipolline Gold Fondant with pollen, 1kg - BEE KEEPING EQUIPMENT

Candipolline Gold Fondant with pollen, 1kg

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This candy pollen is made by adding gamma ray sterilized pollen to the normal Candipolline, already rich in milk and egg proteins, resulting in a pollen based fondant.

Gamma ray sterilization protects bees from the transmission of any diseases.

This product is especially good during early spring whilst the brood is developing, and late summer when pollen is scarce, and in variable weather we have experienced in recent years in the UK.

  • The presence of pollen makes Candipolline Gold a feed that bees particularly appreciate.

  • Candipolline Gold can be used throughout the year and has no dosage limits.

  • Candipolline Gold is very easy to use: just puncture the envelope appropriately and place it on the hole of the crown board.


Beet sugar (sucrose) sugar syrup, pollen, caseinate , allumen, glycerine, vitamins E300, L asorbic acid (vitamin C) 400IU/kg.

Analytic Constitutions:

Sugar  93.35%

Crude Fibre  <1.5%

Crude Ashes  <0.5%

Crude Protein  1.38%

Crude Oil & Fat  <0.25%

Calcium  45mg/kg

Phosphorous  108mg/kg

Sodium  57mg/kg

Methionne  <LQ

Lysme  <LQ

Developed and produced in Italy by Enolapi.

Expires 05.2023