Beeswax Furniture / Wood Polish 170 gram

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Beeswax Wood Polish 

Always work with the grain applying sparingly with a cloth then leave to dry and then polish with a clean cloth. Great on all wood furniture

This pure beeswax furniture polish comes in a tin

Beeswax & Linseed oil

Technical Data
Suitable for Vegetarians and Not tested on animals.

We advise wearing gloves when using fragrances and colours.

Product Testing
To ensure all our products are safe. All our handmade products have certification and all our products comply
with EU regulations. Product Weight All our Products have stated weights and we try to make every endeavour
to ensure the weight is correct.
However, because some of our products are handmade, the weight can vary by +/-10%.

Product Appearance
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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
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