Bee Gym

Bee Gym

  • £14.99

Featuring specifically designed grooming aids; The Bee Gym is a framework of wires together with flippers and scrapers that help the bees to remove mites from backs and abdomen. The Bee Gym chemical free, hard wearing and no on-going costs, making it a highly economical investment.

The Advantages of Bee Gym

  • Chemical Free: Bee Gym is a physical grooming aid for bees.
  • Economical: Bee Gym has high durability and no on-going costs, making it a highly economical investment.
  • No extra apiary visits: Bee Gym can be left in the hive all through the year.
  • Specific: foragers returning with full pollen baskets choose to avoid the Bee Gym, so there is no risk of pollen being lost.
  • Sustainable: Bee Gym encourages the natural grooming behaviour of honeybees, resulting in more hygienic colonies, better able to manage varroa infestations.
  • Integrated: Bee Gym is an ideal component in an Integrated Pest Management approach to varroa control.

Tips for Use

  • Position the Bee Gym in a busy part of the colony, about 2 cms back from the hive entrance or on top of the brood frames in a shallow ‘eke’ or spacer.
  • Use a sticky floor (coat a white piece of paper or cardboard with vaseline) to observe mite drop. These should be refreshed regularly.
    • OR Use the Bee Gym with an open mesh floor so that the varroa mites drop out of jumping reach of the hive.
  • Leave a space between the hive entrance and the Bee Gym so that pollen-laden foragers are able to avoid the framework.
  • Move the Bee Gym around the hive when convenient so that it stimulates more interest from the bees.
  • Leave the Bee Gym in place throughout the year as it improves grooming behaviour, helping bees to rid themselves of varroa mites.
  • Ensure there is sufficient gap (at least 15 mm) for bees to move around the Bee Gym to fully utilise it.
  • Clean the Bee Gym with washing soda periodically to remove excess propolis. Don’t worry if the bees propolise the frame a little – the grooming flippers and scrapers will not be affected.