9 Frame Radial Honey Extractor

  • £640.00

Speed up your honey extraction with this 9 frame stainless steel manual radial honey extractor manufactured by Saf Natura.

The Extractor has an ergonomic Manual Operation via the side mounted plastic handle, and a safety cut-off.

The frame inside the barrel can take 9 National Super Frames at one time. Radial action allows honey to be extracted from both sides of the frame in one process.

The extractor features a 2 part Acrylic Top to prevent splashes etc when extracting. The barrel has a food grade gated Plastic Honey Valve for easy decanting of your honey.

Safety First! A plastic guard encloses all moving parts.

The Manual radial honey extractor has removable legs for easy storage and transportation, making it an ideal purchase for Bee keeping Societies as a shared resource.

Extractor dimensions:

Drum Diameter -: 55cm (21 1/2in”)

Height: 111.5 cm -with the Legs  ( 44in)