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Belgosuc fondant is a popular type of bee food, commonly used by beekeepers to feed their colonies during periods when natural nectar sources are scarce, such as in winter or early spring. Here's a detailed description of a 12.5 kg block of Belgosuc fondant:

1. **Appearance and Consistency**:
- The fondant typically comes in a solid block form, which is easy to handle and store.
- It has a smooth, homogeneous texture, resembling a dense, semi-soft candy or dough.

2. **Weight and Packaging**:
- The block weighs 12.5 kg (about 27.5 pounds), making it substantial enough to provide nourishment for an entire hive over a significant period.
- It wrapped in a plastic  material to maintain its freshness and prevent contamination.

3. **Composition**:
- Belgosuc fondant is primarily composed of sucrose, a type of sugar that bees can readily digest and convert into energy.
- It may also contain small amounts of glucose and fructose, mimicking the natural sugar composition found in nectar and honey.

4. **Nutritional Benefits**:
- Provides a reliable source of carbohydrates, which are essential for bee energy metabolism.
- Helps sustain the bees during times when flowers are not in bloom and nectar is not available.

5. **Usage**:
- Beekeepers typically place the block directly on the frames within the hive or on top of the inner cover, ensuring easy access for the bees.
- The fondant should be positioned so that it remains dry and is easily reachable by the bees.

6. **Advantages**:
- Easy to use and requires minimal preparation.
- Long-lasting and can be stored for extended periods without spoiling.
- Reduces the need for frequent feeding visits by the beekeeper.

7. **Storage and Handling**:
- Should be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain its quality.
- Keep the packaging intact until ready to use to prevent drying out or contamination.

Overall, a 12.5 kg block of Belgosuc fondant is a practical and efficient way for beekeepers to support their bees' nutritional needs, especially during critical times when natural food sources are limited.

12.5 KG Fondant Block Includes Shipping Costs 


Also available in smaller quantities of either 1lb or 1kg,