Beekeeping Experience Days

Book a beekeeping experience and love be a beekeeper for the day. Visit the hives, learn all about the Queen bee and her colony of busy worker bees as you literally lift the lid on the art of keeping bees and making honey.


Going through a live hive is an experience that so many people would love to do but have never had the opportunity to do so. The ambiance and aroma of the hive and honey facility cannot be found anywhere else. Shawn, a passionate beekeeper will help dress you up in a bee suit and take you out to one of his live productive hives. Once the hive is open you will look at the life of the bee, everything from a day old egg through to a bee hatching, observe their honey and pollen collection, endeavor to find the Queen, discuss the unique products that bees create and collect and interact with the bees helping all to realise how important they are and also just how amazing they really are. We will then go into the Extraction facility and see how the honey would be extracted, packed and stored.