Swienty Poly National Floor - BEE KEEPING EQUIPMENT

Swienty Poly National Floor

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Polyhives National bottom board (in the same size as the hive bodies)

Including detachable wire mesh for ventilation and a varroa tray in plastic. The four interior corners secure the hive body and notches for the hive strap.

Polyhives is a newly devolped polystyrene hive made from high density polystyrene. Manufactured in Denmark, it is designed and produced exclusively to satisfy the demands of the British market.

Polystyrene hives have many advantages compared to traditional wooden hives:
- highly insulating against frost and heat
- do not rot
- have an improved interior climate which ensures a large honey harvest
- light weight, which makes them easy to transport
- environmentally friendly
- extremely durable (with a lifetime of up to 30 years)
- easy to assemble

Height: 95 mm
Length: 465 mm
Width: 465 mm

Length: 370 mm
Width: 343 mm

Weight: 0.8 kg

72 pcs on a pallet

Compatible with National wood hives.