Family Bundle of Beeswax Food Wraps

  • £60.00

Our Family Pack of Beeswax Food Wraps includes:

4 x large

4 x medium

4 x small

Made from cotton and, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and beeswax. and our own Beeswax from our Hives in Somerset

Please note combinations of fabric patterns may vary from image shown.


Small approx 20cm x 20cm - Preserve unused vegetable halves and seal jars

Medium approx 30cm x 30cm - Perfect for sandwiches, wraps, cheese and covering bowls

Large approx 40cm x 40cm - Cover large casserole dishes, wrap a loaf of bread or leafy greens

Caring for your wraps

- Wash with soap in cold water and hang to dry

- Pasteurise every few months in the oven. Lay on baking paper in 100c oven for no more than 2 minutes

- Do not use to wrap hot food, make sure all food is cold before you use the wraps

- Wraps are not suitable for using in the microwave